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Digital Asset Showcase & Management System

Showcase your artists & professionals with our digital asset & management system.

Our Digital Asset Showcase And Management System is designed to allow you to “Showcase” the work of your artist and professionals on websites. Visitors to the sites can view or download samples to help in their choice of artist.

The showcase – back-end and front-end

The back-end enables the capture, classification and storage of digitised material such as images, sound, text files, film and video. In effect each artist and their work can be classified, and multiple classifications assigned to both. These can then be used as selection criteria by the webpages that display the work or by visitors wishing to view work samples. The front-end consist of either a website that we supply, customised with your branding and other design requirements, or a set of programs that are provided to your web developers to allow your existing website to incorporate the CiMS Showcase.

Showcase - Front-end, Artist Overview
Showcase - Front-end, Project Overview
Showcase - Front-end, Individual Image
Showcase - Back-end, Artist Overview
Showcase - Back-end, Project Overview