COVID-19 crisis
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To our customers, please note that our technical support and emergency hotline are in operation as usual. Stay safe by washing your hands, using a tissue for coughs and avoid touching your face.

Projects / jobs

CiMS covers all aspects of project administration, from initial options to final payment.

“Using CiMS, we went from working up estimates in Word or Excel to being able to present our clients with a cohesive and professional bid. Support is outstanding. The team listen to our concerns, implement relevant changes, and are always working on upgrades that reflect our ever-changing landscape of projects. CiMS is the best tool you could add to your arsenal as an agent. Bravo Team CiMS, and thank you!” – Felix De N’Yeurt, Lens IMG.

Managing projects in CiMS is a cinch

Creating new projects is incredibly easy – simply select a date in the calendar or go to the new project form. Artist fees, productions schedules and expenses can be added and edited up until the moment the final invoice is raised. Estimates can be in any currency and in dual currencies, and are updated automatically with each edit.

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