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Invoicing & payments

CiMS enables you to generate advanced, interim and final invoices.

“I find more time to meet clients and pitch to brands as a company using CiMS. I don’t need to fence off half a day to process and work up a budget – CiMS does it for you. I couldn’t recommend CiMS enough. You can generate advance, fee and sales invoices and keep all contacts, clients and needed information in one place” – Lindsay Smith, Concrete.

CiMS has invoicing and payments covered

As many advanced invoices as required can be issued. Where the advanced exceeds the final costs, automatic credit notes are created. The history of financial transactions can be saved to a CSV file which can be used to update external ledgers. Bespoke integration with selected finance packages is available on request.

Job artist - financial-summary
Job fees 01 - summary
Job expense 01 - summary
Job fees 02 - fee-selection
Job expense 02 - expanded-section