COVID-19 crisis
Please note that we use Zoom, Skype, emails and the telephone for all queries, demonstrations and tutorials, and strictly adhere to government guidelines on social distancing.
To our customers, please note that our technical support and emergency hotline are in operation as usual. Stay safe by washing your hands, using a tissue for coughs and avoid touching your face.

Contact management

CiMS keeps a contacts database comprising general day-to-day contacts, clients and suppliers, and you can add your own categories, too.

“Since we signed up four years ago, CiMS has proved an invaluable resource in terms of rationalising internal workflows, billing and reporting. The database interfaces seamlessly with our e-comms software, which is a real timesaver. I would recommend CiMS in an instant.” – Marco Santucci, Industry Art.

Find your contacts quickly and easily

The CiMS database allows the use of tags to group both companies and individual contacts, and to extract data using these tags as selection criteria. CiMS contacts can be viewed in real time on your smartphone. A company’s contacts are a shared resource and should be carefully managed, and for this reason, CiMS makes its contacts available to non-CiMS users through the CiMS contacts module. This enables our clients to use a single, shared, central contacts database.

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