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CiMS features

CiMS supplies all the tools you need to run your projects efficiently.

  • Costing
    Job costing, estimating and billing supports smooth project management, from initial inquiry to final payment, in any currency and global location
  • Contacts
    Our contacts database enables full contact details to be recorded and used as a comprehensive address book, enhancing your marketing capabilities
  • Clients
    The client module provides a holistic, real-time overview of client engagement, including enquiries, projects, meetings, events, emails and social media activity

Fast, effective project management with CiMS

CiMS is a fully-featured app for job costing, estimating and billing. With integrated contacts management and client-management modules, the perfect software solution for creatives.

Projects / jobs

CiMS covers all aspects of project administration, from initial options to final payment. Creating new projects is incredibly easy – simply select a date in the calendar or go to the new project form.

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Project filing

Each project has its own file store where digitised material can be uploaded and viewed. All types of file format can be uploaded, with no limit on the size or number of files. Integration with third-party document management providers is available on request.

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Invoicing & payments

CiMS enables you to generate advanced, interim and final invoices. As many advanced invoices as required can be issued. Where the advanced exceeds the final costs, automatic credit notes are created.

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CiMS provides a range of reports, both standard and bespoke. Built-in reports include financial transaction history, alongside more detailed management reports and CRM-type client engagement reports.

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Contact management

CiMS keeps a contacts database comprising general day-to-day contacts, clients and suppliers, and you can add your own categories, too. The database allows the use of tags to group both companies and individual contacts and to extract data using these tags as selection criteria. CiMS contacts can be viewed in real time on your smartphone.

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