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CiMS: The Production App for Creatives

WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT, CiMS? We offer an information management system designed by creatives for creatives to streamline your contract administration – saving you time, money and freeing you up to do the things you really want to do (which we guess isn’t admin)

About us

We don’t compromise, either on the challenging needs of our clients or the technology that supports them. Our developers are the best, with years of experience in the entire computing stack, ranging from hardware and machine code to high level, domain-specific languages. Our clients include production companies and representative agencies supplying content and creatives for the world’s leading publications, media and fashion outlets.

Some are the most successful in their sectors. Many are start-ups in need of software that will meet their immediate requirements as well as their future ones as they grow. We strive to fulfil our clients’ requests for adaptations and enhancements, ensuring CiMS evolves and continues to offer the best production-management solutions in a rapidly-changing landscape.

Our services

Contact management

A powerful contact management system that stores the addresses, phone numbers, email address, websites and all other social media attributes of companies, as well as individuals at those companies.


The central, online filing system enables you to access project information at any time and from any connected device. Project plans, briefing notes, contracts and creative content, including sound and video, can all be uploaded.


A large amount of data is collected in CiMS, both explicitly by users and as a by-product of the core processes. This enables a holistic view of customer engagement and supply data that can be used to enhance your marketing reach and penetration.


The CiMS calendar provides a quick, simple and intuitive interface with projects. Jobs can be created and edited, and their status seen at a glance, thanks to auto-colour coding.


CiMS is multinational, supporting users who are working together but located in different parts of the world. Each user has their own time zone as part of the system set-up, allowing calendar reminders to be set locally, for example.

Multi-user access

CiMS supports multiple users, and small or large companies alike. Each user has their own access username, password and default settings.

Audit log

All key activities are recorded in the system audit log, which can be checked by permitted users and can be referred to check on both system security and system integrity.

System management

CiMS can be easily configured to your individual requirements using the management programs. In addition to running system-wide parameters, you can also set them for individual users and defaults.

System security

With the Amazon cloud as the backbone of CiMS, continuity of service is a given. Security of access, data transmission and storage is ensured by the latest internet and encryption technology.

Discover what CiMS can do for you

CiMS is an integrated information system that helps automate your project and job administration. In addition to estimates, quotations and billing, it enables quick and easy processing through simple interfaces with intuitive functions. The contact management system and client modules can be used for customer-relations management and provide clean data for focused marketing. Integration with finance packages means the information does not have to be re-keyed. CiMS is highly flexible and can be configured to your company’s requirements, but we are happy to add bespoke features to meet your needs. For a discussion and to book a demo, get in touch.

Use CiMS to manage your work finances swiftly