CiMS: The job-costing, estimating & invoicing app

Revolutionise your project financial management with automated processes, facilitating swift and effortless estimation, quoting, invoicing, and payment procedures. Harnessing the power of a cloud-based application, accessible across various devices and operating systems, enhances collaboration and efficiency, maximising productivity gains for your team.

The easy way to manage your project finances

The CiMS financial administration app for job-costing, estimating and invoicing - running on an ipad
The CiMS financial administration app for job-costing, estimating and invoicing - running on an ipad

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An efficient contact management system archives contact details for companies and associated individuals, including addresses, phone numbers, and social media profiles. It allows tagging for easy categorisation and exporting data to marketing platforms like Mailchimp and phpList.

The CiMS calendar features a user-friendly interface for efficient project management, with tasks easily created and color-coded. It offers individual or combined views of various schedules and syncs with all ICS-compatible calendars like Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook, and Google Calendar.

The system audit log records every key action, accessible only to authorised users for security and integrity monitoring. Consulting the audit log can quickly replicate actions or restore mistakenly erased data, like expense entries, faster than retrieving backups.
The online central filing system provides immediate access to project details from any device. Upload and view blueprints, documents, agreements, and multimedia content for projects, clients, and professionals directly through the application.

CiMS supports global collaboration by allowing users to configure settings, including local time zones and tax regulations, to their specific locations. This customisation facilitates localised calendar alerts and adapts the system for use across different countries and time zones.

CiMS is highly adaptable to personal needs through management programs, allowing adjustments of system-wide settings and individual user defaults. Configure pick lists, budget templates, user groups, and permissions to streamline your workflow.

CiMS collects extensive data, both entered by users and generated through operations, providing deep insights into customer interactions and supply chains. This enhances marketing and sales strategies and includes CRM-like features for recording interactions, improving customer relations and service.

CiMS is designed for multiple users and fits both small and large companies. Each user has individual access credentials: username, password, and default settings. Users are grouped, and access to specific application features is controlled by local administrators.

CiMS runs on the Amazon cloud, ensuring continuous service with minimal downtime. It uses advanced internet and encryption technologies for secure access, data transmission, and storage, while regular backups guarantee data recovery in any disaster scenario.

Designed by creatives for creatives

We maintain an unwavering commitment to meeting our clients’ demanding requirements and advancing the technology that supports their operations. Our unparalleled team of developers possesses extensive expertise across the entire computing spectrum, from hardware and low-level machine code to sophisticated, industry-specific programming languages. Our diverse clientele includes production companies and representative agencies serving leading publications, media platforms, and fashion brands globally. While many of our clients are industry leaders, others are burgeoning start-ups seeking scalable software solutions. We are dedicated to accommodating customisation and innovation requests, ensuring our solution, CiMS, continually evolves to provide cutting-edge production management capabilities in a constantly changing market landscape. Our commitment drives us to deliver solutions that meet both immediate needs and future growth.

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Our clients include modelling agencies, fashion companies, art directors, producers, copywriters, stylists, hair & make-up specialists, set designers and photographers. Find out how CiMS can help your business by requesting a demo.
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