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The easy way to manage your project finances

CiMS is a complete admin solution, with modules for job costing, estimating, invoicing, cost reconciling and payment, plus contacts and calendar management.

The CiMS app is ideal for service providers wanting to minimise time spent on contract administration.

CiMS streamlines the entire project process, from pitch to ongoing budgeting through to final invoice.

With features including contact and calendar management, plus unparalleled data security, CiMS helps boost your productivity and profitability.

What our customers say


Building an agency from the ground up, we wanted to implement a system that would make our jobs easier and free up time for more important tasks. CiMS ticks all the boxes of software designed to do just that. It’s easy to navigate and covers all the bases, from booking a project to closing it out, plus all the steps in between. Using CiMS, we went from working up estimates in Word to being able to present our clients with a cohesive, professional bid. Support is outstanding. The team listen to our concerns, implement relevant changes, and are always working on upgrades that reflect our ever-changing landscape of projects. CiMS is the best tool you could add to your arsenal. Bravo Team CiMS, and thank you!

— Felix De N’Yeurt, LENS IMG.

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Take your project management to the next level

Our clients include photographic and modelling agencies, production and fashion companies, as well as media-production professionals such as art directors, producers, copywriters, stylists, hair & make-up specialists, set designers and photographers.

Originally designed for the creative sector, CiMS is proving invaluable in other areas, too, including fields as diverse as event planning, infrastructure-project delivery and livery stables.

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